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These 21 Places In Hamburg Have Been Immortalized In Songs
These 21 places in Hamburg have been immortalized in songs

It's amazing how many songs have been written about Hamburg - even more amazing is the fact that many of these songs are dedicated to specific places in this city. No doubt, St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn are probably the…

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Keane, Tocotronic, Édith Piaf: My Huge List Of Hamburg Songs
Keane, Tocotronic, Édith Piaf: My huge List of Hamburg Songs

There are so many Hamburg tunes! So far I have collected over 60... Listen to my growing Spotify-list of songs dedicated to or involving the city of Hamburg. Traditionally, Hamburg has been associated with a number of sea shanties, added by…

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Hamburg Brick Architecture: 12 Highlights Made Of Beautiful Clinker
Hamburg brick architecture: 12 highlights made of beautiful clinker

Hamburg is a red city. Brick architecture dominates the scenery in many places. I can hardly think of a metropolis that knows how to put bricks on top of each other in such a creative way - for centuries. Ready…

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Hamburg’s Best Views: 9 Places You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!
Hamburg’s best views: 9 places you wouldn’t want to miss!

Cities are best viewed from above. The following list will take you to places that I think belong to the greatest highlights of Hamburg. Let yourself be inspired - my list of Hamburg's best views has something for every occasion: for…

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Staircases In Hamburg: Hunting For Photogenic Spirals
Staircases in Hamburg: Hunting for Photogenic Spirals

Staircases are the calling card of a building. All you have to do to see them is go inside. But where in Hamburg do you find the most beautiful spirals among them? In this small guide I'll show you nine…

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Plotagraph: How To Make Animated Videos Or GIFs From A Single Photo
Plotagraph: How to make animated Videos or GIFs from a single photo

Plotagraph is a relatively new APP for iPhones that I have been using to create and post a few animated photos on my Instagram account. Every time I do so, I get a lot of messages from you guys asking…

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